An Employer-Paid Decision-Making Leave 2023

An Employer-Paid Decision-Making Leave 2023


An employer-paid decision-making leave is a period of time where an employee is given paid time off to improve their performance or behavior in the workplace. This is a serious step taken by the company to correct any performance problems and is usually offered as a good-faith gesture towards the improvement of the employee.

Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is an important factor in the workplace and can contribute to the success or failure of a company. An employer-paid decision-making leave can improve employee engagement as it shows that the company is invested in their employees’ professional growth and development.

Examples of successful implementations of decision-making leaves in companies include Google’s “20% time” and LinkedIn’s “InDay.”

Leave Management

Planning and managing an employer-paid decision-making leave should be done in a structured and organized manner. It is important to take into account the legal aspects of decision-making leaves and labor laws, as well as properly communicate the policies to employees.

This can be done by holding company-wide meetings or sending out detailed memos.


Lora Turner

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