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New York Passes 3 Months Paid Bereavement Leave

The New York official announced and legislation has passed a bill of paid family bereavement leave for 3 months regarding the death of close relatives like a spouse, child, parents, grandchild, grandparents and in-laws. New 2020 New York Paid Bereavement Bill Details: New York Paid Bereavement Bill is inspired by the unexpected death of Sen. Richard Funke 30-year-old son […]

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Eligibility & Rights for Bereavement Leave in Michigan

Under the employment laws of Michigan, apart from requesting for leave for vacations, illness, medical and family reasons under the FMLA and paid time off (PTO), employees can also ask for bereavement leave which are taken upon the event of the death of an immediate family member. Following are the details of getting a bereavement […]

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How to Get Bereavement Leave in Illinois. [Eligibility & Rights]

Similar to Oregon, Illinois has introduced and implemented laws governing the leave taken by employees when they are grieving the death of a child. The details are as follows: Bereavement Leave Illinois And Federal Law Effective July 29, 2016, the state of Illinois implemented a law that states that individuals have suffered the death of […]

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