5 Companies with Best Maternity Leave Policies

The temporary absence of employment during pregnancy or right after the childbirth granted to expected or new mothers is termed as “maternity leave”. Such a policy basically aims at the complete recovery of the mother and creating a bond with the child. The USA is one such country that doesn’t give much benefit in terms of the maternity leave to the new mother. Below is the List of 5 Companies with maternity leave

5 Companies with maternity leave

If you reside in the US and have recently become proud parents, don’t expect much from the nation’s paid parental leave, for both the mother and the child. It seems the USA is the only developed nation that doesn’t assure the paid maternity leave and this is definitely a matter of grave concern, especially when other nations around the globe support the concept of paid paternity leave.

But, if you are lucky enough to be employed by any one of the 5 companies in the USA, you are entitled to get paid parental leave for quite a number of weeks. It proves that the following 5 companies care about their employees and their newborn children. These are big organizations recognized all over the world and they prove exceptions to the rules.

Let us find out the top 5 companies that offer the best maternity leave policies.

#5 Google

It won’t be wrong to mention that there is a gap in gender equality, especially in the tech field.  There are talented women employees who contribute a lot to the company’s success and profit. But due to the non-compulsory paid maternity leave in the US, there are several new mothers who prefer to quit the job to look after their newborn babies.

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It seems Google cares about its employees and their newborn kids. Google offers 18 weeks of leave, which has been increased from 12 weeks. In fact, the fathers also receive at least 7 weeks of paid leave to look after their babies and their partners right after the childbirth. It was Youtube’s CEO Susan Wojcicki, who was Google’s first employee to go on a maternity leave for so many weeks.

She has 5 kids and since her journey at Google in 1999, she has taken five parental leave.

#4 Twitter

Twitter is one of the tech companies that have adopted the equal policy in respect to parental leave to both the new mothers and fathers. It has come up with the “gender-neutral” parental leave, assuring 20 weeks of fully paid leave for both the parents. The whole concept of the parental leave has undergone a transformation.

It has been found out by the psychologists that when employees are happy at homes, they can perform better, and thereby is profitable for the company. Thus, when such a liberal 20 weeks of paid paternity leave is guaranteed to the new parents, the employees seem happy and contented and an eager to come back and join office after they leave with full enthusiasm and zeal. The parents of adoptive kids also get a paid leave of around 10 weeks.

#3 Facebook

The bandwagon, “parental leave” is gaining a lot of momentum is the giant tech companies of the world. Facebook is one such giant organization that brought a smile to each and every employee face with the announcement of the expanded parental leave to both the new mothers and fathers. This giant social media company offers fully paid 17 weeks parental leave to all its employees all over the world.

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The expansion was announced just after the company’s founder, Mark Zuckerberg claimed that he will himself be on leave for two months after his daughter’s birth. If the employees are not satisfied with the 4 months paid parental leave, they are handed over $4000 in “baby cash” to cover the expenses of hiring a nanny to look after the baby.

Do you know the headquarter of Facebook features “breastfeeding rooms” for new mothers? This is something which is really unique.

#2 Adobe

The steps taken by the tech companies in the USA reflect that there have been changes in the social attitudes around the concept of paid “parental leave”, especially for the fathers. Adobe has introduced an expansion in the maternity leave for the new mothers up to 26 weeks for the full-time employees in the USA. The best part is that the leave is completely paid one. In fact, the fathers also get an assured 16 weeks paid parental leave for looking after their partners and their newborn babies.

#1 Netflix

Netflix is the best company in America that offers unlimited leave for one year after the childbirth. The unlimited paid leave is applicable to both the mother and the father. During the 12 months guaranteed leave, the employees can return to work anytime, and also take leave, as and when required with any restriction.

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The above mentioned are the 5 best companies that offer excellent parental leave in the USA, helping the new parents to cope with the situation smoothly.

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