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5 Things to Know About Paternity Leave in Pennsylvania

In the state of Pennsylvania, many fathers are not granted the opportunity to have paternity leave to have time with their newborn children. Paternity leave is a less talked about topic, and due to the normality of maternity leave, paternity leave is much more overlooked by laws and businesses all over. 1# How Long Is Paternity […]

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5 Fact About Paternity Leave in New Jersey

In New Jersey, Paternity leave and parental leave laws are upheld by the federal level, with FMLA, and they are supported by the state as well. There are also many in-state businesses and employers that have their own Leave built into an employment contract. At all levels, the parents are covered. 1# How Long Is […]

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5 Things to Know About Paternity Leave in Oregon

Family leave and paternity leave is something that Oregon has done a thorough job of covering. In this state, families and especially fathers are allowed time off to help with the entry of a new child into the home. For citizens of Oregon, there are outlets and available programs to assist you in the much […]

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Paternity Leave California 2018

California Paternity Leave is focused on giving parents the freedom to enjoy their newborn in the weeks after a birth. Allowing for time with the child while being away from work is a helpful asset for any new parents. Paternity Leave allows for a safe and relaxing boost into the new world of a parent. […]

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Paternity Leave Laws Texas

Texas law allows for a father to keep his rights and his job while taking time off to care for and build a relationship with a newborn child. These rights are saved by the guidelines created by FMLA, a federally supported disability system.  How Long Is Paternity Leave Texas Available? A father can take up […]

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