5 Things to Know About Paternity Leave in Oregon

Family leave and paternity leave is something that Oregon has done a thorough job of covering. In this state, families and especially fathers are allowed time off to help with the entry of a new child into the home. For citizens of Oregon, there are outlets and available programs to assist you in the much needed time off.Paternity Leave Oregon

#1 How Long Is Paternity Leave Oregon Available?

There are two options in Oregon. One could use the standard federal FMLA where a worker is allowed 12 weeks if qualified.  However, there is a piece of Oregon state legislation called the Oregon Family Leave Act (OFLA) which can allow up to 24 weeks of time off.

12 weeks for “pregnancy disability” and 12 for “parental provisions”. Now to be clear, these are not combinable. Meaning that one can not combine FMLA with OFLA to gain 36 weeks.

#2 How much Is Paid Paternity Leave Oregon Allowed?

Both of these options are unpaid and only allow job security. However, this does not mean that an employer can not have their own supply of benefits for those who need time off. To apply and be eligible for OFLA one must qualify for OFLA, you must have been employed for 180 calendar days prior to your leave and have worked for at least 25 hours per week on average during this period to qualify for pregnancy disability leave.

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However, to qualify for parental leave under OFLA, you simply must have been employed for 180 days prior to your leave regardless of how many hours you worked during that period of time. Your employers must employ at least 25 employees within the state of Oregon.

#3 Differentiate Between FMLA and Paternity Leave

Paternity leave is something that is covered under FMLA and OFLA. These two acts were not specific for paternity leave, but are broad coverage for most family leave needs. Therefore the federal and state level have provided a legislature that will protect employees jobs.

#4 What is EDD of Paternity Leave Oregon?

There is not a specific organization or department such as the EDD in Oregon that will help with these issues. There is only the OFLA which provides the much needed time off and is something that most states do not provide, making Oregon a rarity in terms of family leave benefits.

#5 Short Term Disability & Paternity Leave?

Short-term disability is something that would provide the time of 2/3 payment for new mothers, but for fathers, there is no real payment help or disability since they are not directly disabled through the pregnancy.

This helps if the mother is working, however, if the mother is unemployed and the father is on paternity leave through OFLA or FMLA, it will; be difficult to keep an income growth at all. Although, if saved money is available, the state has allowed for plenty of time with a newborn and the safety and peace of mind with guaranteed job security.

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