5 Things to Know About Paternity Leave in Pennsylvania

In the state of Pennsylvania, many fathers are not granted the opportunity to have paternity leave to have time with their newborn children. Paternity leave is a less talked about topic, and due to the normality of maternity leave, paternity leave is much more overlooked by laws and businesses all over.

1# How Long Is Paternity Leave in Pennsylvania Available?

In many states, there is a law or a legal requirement for companies to provide time off for fathers, but in Pennsylvania, it is strictly what is allowed by FMLA. Fathers are eligible for 12 weeks of unpaid job-protected paternity leave Under these reasons:

a. Care of his sick wife suffering complications
b.Bonding with newborn baby
c. Adoption of a child
d. Placement of a foster child into the homeThis is under the federal law of FMLA which supports every employed father in the country to allow them to have a chance at paternity leave. Fathers are ineligible for short-term disability benefits during paternity leave. Men do not suffer a qualifying medical condition.

2# How much Is Paid Paternity Leave in Pennsylvania Allowed?

Under FMLA there is no help for monetary needs, all that is given is the job security for 12 weeks. This could of course change if the employers themselves have separate benefits allowing for better coverage during a time of leave.

3# Differentiate Between FMLA and Paternity Leave
FMLA is not strictly for paternity leave, it is for all types of disabilities. Paternity leave is one of them. FMLA provides job security for those who need it for up to 12 weeks. It is a type of short-term disability which is covered by this federal law. FMLA covers maternity, paternity, accidents and injury, and any other surprising or sudden issues that could arise.

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4# What is EDD of Paternity Leave Pennsylvania?
EDD or any type of organization like this does not exist in Pennsylvania. This is another big problem in the system for paternity leave and disability. There is not true state law or department that assists in this leave issue. This is an issue that arises in many states including Pennsylvania.

5# Short Term Disability & Paternity Leave:
Paternity leave is a type of short-term disability. Although a father is less physically affected by a childbirth, he is still much needed during the process. It is helpful to have the short term freedom to ease into parenthood for a new family. This is why paternity leave is also considered a type of short-term disability.

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