5 Things to Know About Paternity Leave in Florida

Being able to take time off after a new child is born is something that many parents find essential. Florida has protected parents rights to do so in the federal Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and other Florida state laws. New parents are best served when they understand their rights to paternity leave.

1# How Long Is Paternity Leave Available in Florida?

Under FMLA, parents have the right to use 12 weeks of time off, however, this time is almost always unpaid unless the employer has other guidelines. This allows for time off, with guaranteed job security under that same employer. Essentially it is a safety net for new parents needing time off to build a relationship with their child.

2# How much Is Paid Paternity Leave Allowed in Florida?

Florida Paid paternity leave is a non-existent feature. Since the father was not the one who carried and gave birth to the child, there are fewer options for leave in the state of Florida. Paternity rights are completely covered by FMLA, and the only way to have paid time off would be a decision for the direct employer of the father. Many times employers will work with employees on this issue.

3# Differentiate Between FMLA and Paternity Leave in Florida

In the State of Florida, there is no strict Paternity Leave law. The only true lawful help for a new father would be the laws struck down by FMLA. This only will guarantee the job of someone who needs paternity leave. Sadly that means that the options for payment during the time of leave, are very few.  The laws over this subject in Florida leave fathers with very limited rights.

4# What is EDD of Paternity Leave Florida?

Florida has no real form of the EDD. Unfortunately, the state’s coverage for issues such as maternity and paternity is very poor. Basically only allowing for FMLA applicants to have the Paternity Leave as an option. This could be an issue for many, but as of now, is sadly just how it is in the state.

5# Short Term Disability & Paternity Leave Discuss.

In the state of Florida, short-term disability and paternity leave are both covered by the same laws and acts. The FMLA system is broad enough to cover these two issues, and paternity leave in itself is a type of short-term disability. Although Florida itself has done a poor job of covering citizens disability in the workplace, FMLA can help those in need have at the least, the safety of their jobs for a decent amount of time.

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