4 Things to Know About Maternity Leave For Teachers In New York

As time goes on, more and more authorities are realizing that parental leave is a basic human right and should be granted to new parents by employers across the board. That is what has to lead to the New York state recently approving to pass the law that mandates the employers in the region to provide paid maternity leave to their employees.

Maternity Leave For Teachers In New York

The pregnancy term and the childbirth itself along with a period of time after it can be particularly hard on the physical health of the new mother which may lead to her being unable to cope with the stress of full-time work. Maternity leave help these women greatly.

1# How Long is Maternity Leave for Teachers In New York?

Employees are eligible for up to eight weeks of paid maternity leave under the new New York Paid Maternity Leave Law. This time period will be bumped up to ten weeks in 2019 and 12 weeks in 2021. If your employer already provides more lenient and lengthy paid maternity leave packages, then you will receive the latter.

2# How to Apply for Paid Maternity Leave for Teachers In New York?

As expected, you must inform your employer as soon as possible, ideally at least 30 days before you want to go on leave through a written leave request accompanied by a physician’s letter to prove your physical inability continue with your work duties.

3# Any Specific rule apply for paid Maternity Leave for Teachers

The law makes sure that the employee is paid fifty per cent of their income during the time that they take off after the birth of their child. The percentage of income paid during maternity leave is set to increase with each passing year, bumping up to 55 in 2019, 60 in 2020, and a maximum of 67 per cent in 2021.

These paid leave benefits under the NYPFL only begin once the child has been born and do not count for the time taken off during the pregnancy. While all private employers are required to follow this law, public employers have to opt for it. Hence, if you are a public school teacher, you must check to see if your school has opted for the NYPFL.

4# Maternity Leave Application Format for Teachers In New York

In your written leave request letter, you must address your principal, supervisor, or the Superintendent of the school. Begin the letter by stating the purpose of the request which is to obtain a maternity leave along with the date beginning which you intend to take time off from work. Mention that you have attached the physician’s letter or certificate with your leave request form.

You also need to state the timeline of your leave and why you will be taking the days off along with how much time you will be missing at work. Acknowledge the fact that you know you are talking the leave under the FMLA, the period of leave provided to you under that law, and the fact that the leave will be unpaid.

For your convenience Leaveadvice team has written Maternity Leave Application Form for Teachers.

“Maternity Application for Teachers”

Today’s Date_____________

The Principal  _____________

Institute Name_____________

Institute Address____________

Sub: Application for Maternity Leave for 3 Months


Respectfully stated that I, (Name), have been serving in your school for 2 years as a science teacher (Job designation). As per the discussion held with you, a month ago, my maternity days are just near now. The doctor has suggested me complete bed rest. I want to apply for a long medical leave of 3 months (As your requirement). When my delivery will be held by the grace of God, after 40 days, I will be back to my job. (Show your actual cause and situation). I request you to grant me leave and arrange a substitute teacher for the subject of science.

Thanking you,


Job Designation_________________

Contact no_________________


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