Georgia Maternity Leave 2023

Georgia Maternity Leave Law 2022 doesn’t have any specific state law that makes it mandatory for the employers to offer paid maternity leave, to the employees.

Georgia Maternity Leave

But under the provision of the fair employment practices act all the public employers who have either 15 or more of employees have to extend the paid maternity leave benefits have to be extended to the women who have been disabled due to the pregnancy conditions.

The employees get 12 weeks of maternity leave and the working women can avail the paid maternity Leave, GA either together or in three months break up period time.


 How Long is Maternity Leave in Georgia (GA) Available?

So under the act the public employers have to extend the maternity leave to the employees with disabilities and along with the women who have been disabled due to pregnancy . However the paid maternity leave GA, doesn’t holds is applicability for the private employers but there are many obligations which the private employers have to follow under the federal laws.

The 12 weeks of paid leave are extended with the full protection of the job and employees are also eligible for the underpaid leave throughout the period of 12 months for the both during pregnancy and to take care of the baby or when they are looking for the adoption procedure

The employers are fully encouraged to provide paid maternity leave and to provide reasonable number of the breaks during their work schedule and the break time if possible run in continuation with the normal breaks with are provided to all the employees.

Eligibility for Georgia Maternity Leave 2022:

The private company in Georgia who have 50 or more of employers have obligations to provide the maternity leave to the employees as per the provisions laid down in the Actor Federal and medical leave.

But for those private companies who have employees less than 50, the maternity leave is strictly voluntary but the state extend many other benefits under the Federal Family and the Medical Leave Act where employees are entitled to take up the maximum 12 weeks of unpaid leave under the condition of sickness or when one has to take care of the infant.

Procedure to Follow for Georgia Maternity Leave 2022

Even the paid maternity law also provides the additional benefit of taking the leave when the employees are looking for adoption and the parents have to be provided reassurance by the employer that they will be taken back to the job on their return..

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Also under the condition when they have to extend immediate care to the family members like that of a spouse, child or parent under the condition of serious health problem and also when the employee is sick and need the care to recover from the serious illness.

The Family and medical leave Act extends the 12 weeks of the unpaid leave for remaining absent from job and the family and medical leave act holds its applicability to both private and public sector employer. So working women employed in the public sector can avail the paid Georgia Maternity Leave.

People need to be made aware of the maternity leave policy and apart from being aware of the paid maternity leave laws they should also start looking for coverage before being pregnant and what all are the provisions by which employs can make the maternity leave pay payable to the women workers

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