What Is A Civil Leave – How to Apply Eligibility Duration

Civil leave is a paid leave that is granted to employees so that they can attend to their jurist duty. Civil leave is granted to the part-time as well as full-time workers. The employee, when he is not attending to any legal proceeding, will be attending work as usual.

But if an employee is appearing for any legal process for representing the workplace, then it will not be considered as a leave. Rather it will be considered as hours worked. An employee may also use a vacation leave for attending to any legal proceeding.

What Is A Civil Leave:
Civil leave is a leave for which your salary will not be cut down when you are on leave I.e. it is a paid leave. You can apply for a civil leave when you are attending the court for any legal case as a plaintiff, defendant or even as a witness. Whatever fees will be received by you as a witness fee or whatsoever kind of compensation is offered to you shall be given to UNL. But you might have to show the employer that you have been issued a summon or a subpoena to appear in the court.

How Is It Used & Procedure of Civil Leave:

An employee who is seeking the leave must write a formal application to the employment. The employee must also furnish a copy of the summons by the respective court ordering him to be present there. When the employee has done this part of his duty, the employer must grant him the leave.

Although while on this leave, whatever sum of money will be received by the employee as a witness fee or anything else, it has to be given to UNL. But if you take a vacancy leave rather than taking a civil leave, you can keep all the money you get to yourself.

Eligibility of Civil Leave:

Employees who work under the State Human Resources Act (SHRA) or Exempt from the State Human Resources Act) are eligible to take such leave. These employees can either be full time or part-time employees. Even persons who in time-limited appointments and trainees are also eligible to apply for this leave.

But employees who are temporarily appointed are not eligible for such leaves unless this leave is asked for job-related civil leave.

Format Of The Letter for Civil Leave:

The format of the letter asking for leave has to be that of a formal letter having a subject. The letter must contain the details of where the employee is directed to appear and the authority who has directed him to appear in the court. He should write that in what position is he going to appear in the court I.e. as witness, plaintiff, defendant, etc.

Civil Leave Duration (How many days one can take off):

The duration for which you can be granted the leave depends on your years of service as well. But there is no fixed duration for civil leave as such. If the court of law has summoned or subpoenaed you, then you might get the leave after furnishing the copy of such orders

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