California State’s family Leave Can be Applicable for Small Business Too

California state family leave for small business

This is apparently the best news that the locals of California can get as the state leave policy which was once applicable for large-scale, or huge businesses will now be applicable for the small-scale retail businesses as well. After a long fight and lots of debates over California State’s family Leave policies, they have arrived at a conclusion that both men and women can avail this leave as both have the equal right to state to be with their children in the initial stages of their lives.

California state family leave for small business

Why are these leave necessary?

California State’s family Leave is quite necessary for both the father and mother, for the mother it is scientifically essential as in the initial stages of a baby’s life they need mothers with them.  They are very delicate at this time, so utmost care is necessary during the initial months of the baby’s life. Well, when it comes to the father then he also has an equal right to the baby and wants to spend time with him or her so the father can also avail these leave. Child care is necessary and only the mothers care is not enough fathers love, and care is even much needed.

How will this work after it gets implemented?

California State’s family Leave policy or law will come to force in the year 2018 and after that what will happen is that the people who are earning an average salary will get 70 percent of their salary during the leave and high paid workers will get 60 percent of their salary during the leave. With job security which means that once they go for a holiday, their job will remain safe till they come back and join. But they need to go after six weeks for sure, well in some cases the leave may be extended in case of any medical emergency or need for sure.

Why is the implementation California state family leave needed in business?

As per the Central or the Federal law, there is a leave of 18 weeks to ladies for pregnancy which is the maternity leave and six weeks of parental care for both the fathers and mothers. This is ok, but the problem is that these leave were granted to the workers but without pay, which is quite sad as already with the newborn the expenses of family increases and if someone does not get paid at all during this time then it is a considerable loss and brings financial strain as well.

Moreover, this applied to the companies having more than 50+ employees working in a radius of 75 kilometres in the span of your city. So if this is the case then what will happen to the small-scale businesses? That is why the implementation of this rule is more than necessary.

What will happen after California state family leave rule gets implemented?

After California State’s family Leave gets implemented the first thing that will happen is that it will bring joy to the thousands of people working in the small-scale industries. The children will get both the love of the mother and the father when it’s most needed. Especially financial strain will decrease considerably as here the law of states that the workers going on leave will be paid as per their salaries. So you will not go without being paid you will have a sustainable amount in hand to cover most of your major expenses as well.

Good things take time to come, and this is the effort of many leaders that this law which was once just a dream is now coming to a reality. This is something that will be accepted and is also profitable for the nation and people as well.

Lora Turner

Lora Turner is an Experienced HR professional worked with the large organizations and holding 15 years of experience dealing with employee benefits. She holds expertise in simplifying the leave for the employee benefits

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