What are the Eligibility & Rights for Bereavement Leave in Ohio [Explained]

The rules and regulations of the state of Ohio give a general overview and highlight some general guidelines regarding bereavement leave in public sector industries and organizations. However, there may be a great deal of variation found across the policies of different organizations, particularly private ones. Here are the details regarding bereavement leave in the state of Ohio:

Bereavement Leave Ohio

For Whom Can Employees Use Bereavement Leave Ohio

The Ohio employee can take a bereavement leave for any close or immediate family member. These include parents, step-parents, children (natural, foster, or adopted), stepchildren, siblings, step-siblings, grandparents, grandchildren, spouses, same-sex committed domestic partners, and in-laws.

It is also applicable to significant others who may be defined as individuals who may stand in place of a spouse and reside in the home of the employee.

How Much Time Off One Can Get For Bereavement Leave Ohio?

According to the state rules of Ohio, an employee can take up to three days as bereavement leave in order to grieve for their loved one who has passed away or arrange and attend their funeral services and last rites.

The leave encompasses three consecutive days for which the employee is paid at a regular rate. The employee may also use up to 5 days of their schedules and permissible sick leave for their absence from the workplace after the death of a loved one.

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Eligibility to Take A Bereavement Leave Ohio

The employee must be working either full time or part time with the organization. He or she must also provide the death certificate or any other form of verification of the death of the family member and their relationship to the employee.

The employee is required to inform their supervisor or employer of their intention to take a bereavement leave at least 24 hours prior to leaving except for when it is an emergency and informing prior to time is not a practical possibility for the individual.

Rights Of Employees On Bereavement Leave Ohio

Unused sick or annual leave days may be accrued and used up as bereavement leave days if the organization does not give separate days for bereavement leave in its policy. The employer is required to pay according to the base rate of the employee in his or her absence while they are on the bereavement leave.

The employee has the right to extend their leave by using up to 5 days of their sick leave. Halftime employees have the right to get bereavement leave based on the number of hours they are scheduled to work per day.

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