Church Nursery Worker Job Description – Your Guide To Responsibilities And Duties

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Church Nursery Worker Job Description

In the church environment, it is essential to provide a dependable, safe, secure, and nurturing care to children aged 0 to 3 years old. The church nursery worker plays a crucial role in ensuring the well-being and proper care of these young children during worship and Sunday school hours.

The primary responsibility of a church nursery worker is to show Christ’s love to the children and families in need of nursery care. This includes maintaining a clean and welcoming environment for the children.

The nursery worker works under the direction of the Nursery Coordinator and Pastor of Children and Youth.

General Qualifications

To be a church nursery worker, certain qualifications must be met:

  • Good Moral and Christian Character: It is important for the nursery worker to be of good moral character and possess a strong Christian faith.

  • Previous Experience: While formal qualifications are not always required, previous experience working with young children is beneficial. This could include babysitting, volunteering in children’s programs, or professional childcare experience.


The church nursery worker is responsible for providing age-appropriate care to the children. This includes:

  • Feeding: The nursery worker ensures that children are fed according to their needs. This may involve bottle-feeding infants or assisting older children with snacks.

  • Diapering: Keeping children clean and dry is an important aspect of nursery care. The nursery worker will change diapers as needed and ensure proper hygiene practices are followed.

  • Escorting to the Bathroom: For older children who are potty-trained, the nursery worker will assist in escorting them to the bathroom and supporting their independence in using the facilities.

  • Safety and Security: Maintaining a safe and secure environment is paramount. The nursery worker will monitor children at all times, ensuring they are not exposed to any hazards or dangers.

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Working as a Team

The church nursery worker is an integral part of a team. The worker collaborates with other nursery staff members and follows the direction of the nursery coordinator.

Work schedules are determined by the coordinator, who considers seniority when making assignments.

As a nursery staff worker, it is important to serve the children and families with excellence. Being a role model for young children and their parents is essential.

Showing kindness, patience, and warmth creates a nurturing atmosphere for everyone involved.


In conclusion, the role of a church nursery worker is to provide dependable, safe, secure, and nurturing care to children aged 0 to 3 years old during church activities. By following the guidance of the Nursery Coordinator and Pastor of Children and Youth, the nursery worker ensures a loving and supportive environment for the children and their families.

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Remember, as a church nursery worker, your role is to provide exceptional care to young children while maintaining a safe and nurturing environment. With the right qualifications and a dedication to serving others, you can make a positive impact in the lives of children and their families.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the duties of a nursery worker?

A nursery worker's duties include planting, fertilizing, pruning, watering, and mulching plants, shrubs, and trees. They also provide advice to customers on plant choices and care, inspect plants for quality and health, and identify signs of disease or pests.

What does a nursery worker do?

A nursery worker plans and supervises activities like arts and crafts, music, and cooking in addition to helping children learn numeracy and literacy skills.

How do you run an effective church nursery?

To run an effective church nursery, you can consider hiring a childcare center or regularly monitor the nursery's operations. Conducting staff training on the church's policies and improving care can also contribute to an effective nursery.

What is the purpose of a church nursery?

The main purpose of a church nursery is to ensure the safety of children, creating a peaceful environment where they can experience the love of Jesus. It also meets the needs of babies and their families, giving parents a chance to focus on the sermon.

What is a nursery worker called?

A nursery worker is often referred to as a nurseryman or nursery assistant, responsible for caring for plants and providing guidance to customers on plant selection and care.
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