Ask Me Anything Sessions: 7 Ways to Engage Your Employees

Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions are a great way to engage employees and build trust. By giving employees the opportunity to ask questions directly to management, AMAs can help to improve communication, transparency, and employee satisfaction.

In this blog post, we will discuss the benefits of AMA sessions and how to run an effective AMA meeting. We will also provide tips on how to answer employee questions in a way that is informative, helpful, and respectful.

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7 Ways to Engage Employees with AMA Sessions

AMA sessions, or ask me anything sessions, are a great way to engage employees and promote communication and transparency within a company. Here are 7 ways to make the most of your AMA sessions:

  1. Choose the right topics. The topics you choose for your AMA sessions should be relevant to your employees’ interests and concerns. You can get ideas for topics by surveying your employees or by asking them what they would like to know more about.
  2. Be prepared. Before you hold an AMA session, take some time to prepare your answers to common questions. This will help you to run a more efficient and informative meeting.
  3. Be open and honest. Employees appreciate it when management is open and honest with them. So, be sure to answer questions honestly, even if they are difficult.
  4. Be respectful. Even if you disagree with an employee’s question, be respectful of their opinion. Remember, the goal of an AMA session is to promote communication and understanding.
  5. Be timely. Try to hold AMA sessions on a regular basis. This will help to keep employees engaged and informed.
  6. Be creative. There are many different ways to hold AMA sessions. You can hold them in person, online, or even through a video chat. Get creative and find a way that works best for your company.
  7. Follow up. After you hold an AMA session, be sure to follow up on any questions or concerns that were raised. This will show employees that you are listening and that you care about their feedback.
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By following these tips, you can use AMA sessions to engage employees, promote communication, and build a stronger company culture.

Tips for Running an Effective AMA Meeting

  • Set clear expectations. Before the meeting, let employees know what to expect. This includes the topics that will be covered, the format of the meeting, and how questions will be answered.
  • Create a comfortable atmosphere. The meeting should be a safe space where employees feel comfortable asking questions. This means creating a relaxed atmosphere and avoiding any harsh or judgmental language.
  • Be patient. Not all questions will be answered immediately. Be patient and allow time for employees to ask their questions.
  • Encourage participation. Don’t just let the same few people ask questions. Encourage everyone to participate and share their thoughts.
  • Be prepared to handle difficult questions. Some questions may be difficult or challenging. Be prepared to answer these questions honestly and respectfully.


AMA sessions can be a great way to engage employees and build trust. By following these tips, you can run an effective AMA meeting that will benefit your company:

  • Plan ahead. Decide who will be participating in the AMA, what topics will be covered, and how questions will be submitted.
  • Create a comfortable and inviting atmosphere. Make sure the participants feel comfortable asking questions, even if they are difficult or challenging.
  • Be prepared to answer questions honestly and openly. Don’t be afraid to admit when you don’t know the answer to a question.
  • Follow up on questions after the AMA. This shows that you are interested in the feedback you received and that you are committed to addressing any concerns.
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AMA sessions can be a valuable tool for companies that want to improve communication and engagement with their employees. By following these tips, you can run an effective AMA meeting that will benefit your company.

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