Vacation Leave Policy & Letter Format

Every business or company gives the vacation leave so that the employees can rejuvenate themselves. It is very important for human to refresh themselves for their proper working. Therefore, it is ensured by the employers that the employees do get a certain amount of vacation leave.An employee must notify the employer of vacation leave in advance itself. Vacation leave accrues on the first day of employment and lasts till the last day of employment.

What Is Vacation Leave:

Vacation leaves are usually the annual leaves. Vacation leave can also be taken in cases of sickness, personal work, or in case of an emergency in the family. These leaves can be used as miscellaneous leaves that can be used for any general purpose.

Vacation leaves are not purposing specific and no evidence has to be given of any special purpose or by any authority. These leaves can be granted generally after the employer gets the prior notification of such leave.

Who Can Take Vacation Leave:

Any employee who is a full time or a part-time employee under staff subject to the human resources act (SHRA) is eligible for the vacation leaves. Permanent employees under Exempt from the Human Resources Act (EHRA) can also be granted such leaves.

Other employees like persons in time-limited appointments, trainees and probationary employees are also entitled to the vacation leaves. But employees like 9-month faculty do not get vacation leaves.

Vacation Leave Paid Or Unpaid?

Almost all the companies and businesses around the world give the paid vacation leaves. But vacation leaves are paid up to a certain number of days. Usually, in the USA, 10 days of vacation leaves are paid leaves. Thereafter any leave taken will be an unpaid leave.

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 How Long We Can Take Vacation Leave :

Generally paid leaves can differ from country to country. In the US, 10 days are usually given as paid vacation leaves whereas, in European countries, an employee might get vacation leave of until 20 days. Therefore, it keeps varying depending upon the region and its laws. It might also differ from country to country.

There is no universal spell for vacation leaves. Vacation leave for 3-4 days is usually easily attainable as this is not a very large span. Minimum of 3-4 days vacation leave must be provided by all the companies.

Any vacation leaves that are unused this year is generally allowed to be carried forward to the next year. But not every company allows you to do this. This again varies according to the rules and regulations of the respective companies.

Vacation Leave Letter Format :

It is not necessary that a traditional method of a handwritten letter has to be submitted. The employer can be notified of the leave through an electronic request. Nowadays, electronic requests can be made to the department so that the employee can receive advance approval of the vacation leave.

Employees request is kept under consideration, but it is not mandatory to allow the employee for such leave. This is important so that it does not affect the business in any way. But the employee should notify the employer as soon as possible so that the employer can adjust the routine and the work accordingly so that the work does not suffer and you can be granted the leave as well.

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