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Are you looking for social work jobs in Lancaster, PA? Well, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we will explore the various social work job opportunities available in Lancaster, PA, and provide you with valuable information to help you find the perfect opportunity.

What are Social Work Jobs?

Before we dive into the specific job opportunities in Lancaster, PA, let’s first define what social work jobs are. Social work jobs involve assisting individuals and communities in dealing with various social issues, such as poverty, addiction, mental health, and more. Social workers aim to improve the well-being and quality of life of their clients by providing support, counseling, and connecting them with necessary resources.

Available Social Work Jobs in Lancaster, PA

Lancaster, PA offers a wide range of social work job opportunities. Here are some examples of the available positions:

  • Social Worker: As a social worker, you will work directly with individuals and families, providing counseling, advocacy, and connecting them with community resources.

  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker: Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSW) have advanced training in clinical social work and can provide therapy and mental health services.

  • Liaison: A liaison social worker acts as a bridge between different organizations and agencies. They facilitate communication and coordination to ensure clients receive the necessary support.

  • Therapist: Therapists specialize in providing counseling and therapy services to individuals, couples, and families to address various mental health issues.

  • Medical Social Worker, Hospice: Medical social workers in hospice settings support patients and their families in dealing with end-of-life care, grief, and emotional support.

  • Behavioral Health Professional (LPC or LCSW): Behavioral health professionals provide counseling and therapy services for individuals with mental health or behavioral issues.

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These are just a few examples of the social work job opportunities available in Lancaster, PA. There are many more positions and specialties to explore based on your interests and qualifications.

Finding Social Work Jobs in Lancaster, PA

Now that you have an idea of the various social work job opportunities available, let’s discuss how you can find these jobs in Lancaster, PA.

1. Online Job Boards and Websites

One of the easiest ways to search for social work jobs in Lancaster, PA is through online job boards and websites. Websites like, LinkedIn, and Glassdoor have extensive job listings specifically for social work positions. You can search for jobs based on your location and filter the results by job type, experience level, and more.

Here are some popular job boards and websites to get you started:

2. Networking and Professional Associations

Networking plays a crucial role in finding social work jobs. Connect with professionals in the field, attend conferences, and join social work associations in Lancaster, PA. These associations often share job opportunities and provide valuable resources for social workers.

Some professional associations to consider are:

  • National Association of Social Workers (NASW)
  • Pennsylvania Society for Clinical Social Work (PSCSW)
  • Pennsylvania Association of Social Workers (PASW)

3. Local Healthcare and Social Service Agencies

Contact local healthcare and social service agencies in Lancaster, PA to inquire about job openings. These organizations often hire social workers to provide support to their clients. Keep an eye on their websites and follow them on social media for any job announcements.

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Some agencies to consider are:

  • Lancaster General Hospital
  • Community Action Partnership of Lancaster County
  • WellSpan Philhaven

4. University and College Career Centers

If you’re a recent graduate or currently enrolled in a social work program, reach out to your university or college career center. They often have job boards and resources specifically for social work jobs. Additionally, career counselors can provide guidance and help you tailor your resume and cover letter for social work positions.

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Social work jobs in Lancaster, PA offer a rewarding and impactful career path. By connecting individuals and communities with the necessary resources and support, social workers can make a positive difference in people’s lives. Whether you’re a social work graduate, a licensed clinical social worker, or have experience in the field, there are numerous opportunities waiting for you in Lancaster, PA.

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Start your job search today by exploring online job boards, networking with professionals, and reaching out to local organizations. And don’t forget to equip yourself with “The Social Worker’s Toolbox” to enhance your practice and make a lasting impact in your career.

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