Paid Sick Leave in Vermont 2023

Paid sick time can be defined as the time taken by an employee in order to cater to or recover from any personal health issues or those of a close family member such as a parent, a spouse, or a child. Paid Sick Leave in Vermont 2022

The employee is compensated for the days he or she is absent from the workplace and his or her absence does not directly result in any reduction of their benefits or rewards provided it remains within the permitted time frame.

How long is Paid Sick Leave in Vermont Available?

Employees get an hour of paid sick leave for every 52 hours they work for the employer. The paid leave hours can be accrued for later use. The cap for the maximum hours accrued as paid sick leave is at 24 hours in 2018 but will be increased to 40 hours in 2019 and for the upcoming years.


Eligibility of Paid Sick Leave in Vermont?

All employees, whether they are full time, part time, seasonal, or temporary workers, are eligible for the paid sick leave under the laws of Vermont. Employees, in order to become eligible to apply for paid sick leave, must have worked at least 18 hours per week on an average basis.

The employer has the right to impose a one-year waiting period from the day of the employment of the individual before they can avail this guarantee and be granted their accrued paid sick leave. Employers may also choose to skip the accrual system and instead provide the entirety of the leave days at the beginning of the year as a front load.

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How to Apply for Paid Sick Leave in Vermont?

Employees are encouraged to and advised to make as much of an effort as they possibly can to inform the employer of their intended use their paid sick leave days as early as possible before they actually take the leave.

This is especially applicable for when an employee has a medical appointment that has been pre-scheduled, in which case they should ideally inform their employer a week before they are to take the leave.

Employers are also entitled to require documentation as verification for your reason of absence. They are not, however, entitled to be made aware of the details of the situation.

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Any Specific rule applied to Paid Sick Leave in Vermont

Only a few categories of employees are not eligible for the paid sick leave under the legislation of the state of Vermont. These include individuals employed by the federal government, per diem healthcare employees, as well as certain selected seasonal employees.

The employer does not need to pay out the remaining sick leave of an employee if their employment is terminated and they are no longer a member of the organization.

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