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Workers’ compensation (sometimes called workmen’s compensation) is an insurance that provides cover for lost wages and medical help to employees injured in the workplace. All states have workers’ compensation programs, with varying amounts of coverage.

Workers’ compensation (workers’ comp) is funded either by an employer or, more commonly, an insurance company. In either case this is taken out of the workers’ pay and is a compulsory payment. Employers generally choose to fund from their own pocket to avoid placing it onto their business costs and therefore increasing costs for their services. The amount of compensation payable varies depending on whether you are a child or adult worker, and what injuries you have received as a result of your work.

Sarasota Workers’ compensation lawyers work for individuals who have suffered an injury in the workplace and are eligible to receive workers’ compensation benefits. If you were injured on the at work and believe you are entitled to claim workers’ compensation, a workers’ compensation lawyer can help you with your claim. A workers’ compensation lawyer or an attorney dealing with workers’ compensation cases can provide you with legal advice regarding your work injury.

Even after a lifetime of good luck, one unfortunate moment in the workplace can leave you struggling with an injury. Injuries at work happen all the time. Their impact is often life-changing. Fortunately, help is available to help you get back on your feet.

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Discover how you too can identify and hire a workers’ compensation lawyer that will restore your life – get back to work and get back to living.

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Workers’ Compensation Benefits in Sarasota

Workers’ compensation law protects workers by offering benefits to injured employees when a workplace injury has happened on the job. It doesn’t matter if it was the fault of the employer or the employee.

Work-related injuries can cause serious problems for workers. Workers’ compensation laws help them by providing wage or salary continuance, medical and vocational rehabilitation expenses, and disability benefits if the injury results in lost or reduced earning capacity. Compensation from such laws is meant to protect the worker as well as to compensate him or her for any damages suffered.

How Long Does Workers’ Compensation Last?

The length of time an employee injured on the job can expect to be on workers’ compensation is dependent on several factors. These include: Type of injury, severity of injury, and duration of the injury. The severity of an injury is the amount of damage to the body, and how much pain you’re in. If you were to be injured on the job and your doctor concludes that you are unable to work at all,due to a permanent impairment then you could be eligible for a lifetime of receiving workers’ compensation for medical expenses and wage loss.

Workers’ Comp Claim Rejected?

Was your workers compensation claim rejected by your employer or insurance carrier?

Workers’ Compensation is a system of benefits to reimburse employees for certain work-related costs. If you’ve been injured or become sick due to your job, you may qualify for workers’ compensation benefits if there is a link between your illness or injury and the things you do at work. Unfortunately, many compensation claims are denied because people don’t understand what to do after they have filed. It’s important to know that while you may have been the one who was injured, employers have three times faster than most people to file a claim against you and collect information about your background!

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If you think your workers compensation claim has been denied, we are here to help. You may face a one-sided system, and we know you feel frustrated and confused in the aftermath of getting this news. There’s important information you need to know before taking action on your own. Ignoring a denied workers’ comp claim can have serious consequences, so please do not try to handle this on your own. Instead, let us put our decades of experience in handling workers’ comp appeals to work for you. Our experienced compensation benefits specialists are here to answer your questions 24/7 with no obligation to hire us.

Hire a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in Florida

If you have been injured in the workplace and need legal assistance, you may be wondering who you should hire. This is a common question for anyone who has been involved in an accident involving some sort of liability. When it comes to workers’ compensation, these suits are commonly between the employer and worker, or between insurance companies. If the liability is not clear, having a Sarasota law firm who can present your case in front of a judge is important.

What does a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Charge?

Workers’ compensation lawyers are able to take your case on a contingency basis. This means they will only be paid if you make a successful workers’ comp claim. The fee can range from 10% to 33% depending on the state you live in, and some states have caps on contingency fees. Let our experienced workers’ comp lawyers consult with you to determine if you have a viable claim for injuries that incur these benefits. When you hire an attorney, he or she will probably start by attempting to negotiate with your employer directly. Many cases are settled with this method, which will lead to higher and quicker settlement of your personal injury claim.

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