New Zealand Paid Paternity Leave 2023

New Zealand has had paid paternity and maternity leave since a very long time and has been generous in giving employees time to spend with their families upon this special and exciting moment in their lives without being under the threat of losing their jobs or not getting paid an being unable to provide for their families.New Zealand Paid Paternity Leave 2020

Newly passed bills and legislation have made primary carer leave, maternity leave, and paternity leave, even more, facilitative for the employees in order to ensure they get their very basic rights out of human decency.

New 2020 Paternity Leave Laws :

As per new amendments being made to the parental paid leave law in New Zealand, the duration of paid leave upon the birth or the adoption of a new child has been extended. All maternity, paternity, and adoptive leave are considered to be the same in New Zealand and come under primary carer leave.

How Many Weeks Have Been Extended In New Zealand Paid Paternity Leave 2020?

The paid parental leave will be extended from 18 to 22 weeks from the first of July in 2018, marking an increase of four weeks, whereas by the first of July, 2022, an additional four weeks will be added, making a total of up to 26 weeks of paid parental leave.

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How Many Weeks Will Be Paid in New Zealand Paid Paternity Leave 2020?

All 26 weeks of leave will be paid. Pay replacement benefits will be given according to the average weekly wage of the employee.

Keeping in Touch Days are days that are decided between the employee and the employer. These allow the employee to work for limited hours during their paid leave for childbirth and care and be ensured of the fact that they are entitled to their wage and earnings.

These days also allow the employer and employee to keep in touch with each others’ situation and be up to date regarding all that goes on in the workplace. Considering that the New Amendments have increased the number of weeks involved in paid leave, Keeping in Touch days have been increased in proportion to them as well. Employees will be able to work 64 hours without losing their right to their wages from the first of July, 2020.

Are Some Companies Exempt for New Zealand Paid Paternity Leave 2020?

An employee who has been working an average of at least 10 working hours per week in at least 6 months of employment can request for a leave and has to be granted it by the employer. All companies are mandated to provide this leave provided the employee is eligible for it and cannot deny it. The employers are not, however, obliged to pay any more than what the social security pays.

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Does It Cover Anything Besides Welcoming The Baby?

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The parental leave is for the birth of the baby and taking care of the child. No, It Does not Cover Anything Besides Welcoming The Baby.

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