Maternity leave Oregon (OR)

Paid maternity leave Oregon 2018 (OR) can be quickly granted to all the employees. If you are already pregnant or plan to be a mom, then as a working employee of Oregon Family Leave Act (OFLA), you can get up to 12 weeks leave.Maternity leave Oregon (OR)

In the other cases, the leave might not be granted for such an extended period, but it can be positively up to 8 weeks. But if you are looking for paid leave, then turn your heads aside because no such policy in Oregon makes it legitimate for the company to pay you are during your leave.

Can women take paid maternity leave in Oregon (OR)?

Yes, it is possible to apply for paid leave in Oregon 2018. There is no such law which makes it eligible for you to continue receiving your salary during your period of absence. But along with Oregon FMLA and OFLA, you are likely to apply for this paid leave. What’s great about Oregon is that it safeguards the job of their employees during this period.

How Long is Maternity Leave in Oregon (OR) Available?

FMLA secured your leave sanction, and OFLA makes sure that you are at least granted 12 weeks of leave. FMLA can allow a maximum of 12 weeks leave but for OFLA this period can be extended. The time for your pregnancy disability but be certified by doctors.

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What doctors recommend on your medical forms is precisely what decides your period for applying for leave.  So depending on the report, you can ask for 6 to 12 months of leave according to your will.

Under OFLA you can take additional six weeks off for Vaginal Birth and eight weeks off for the Cesarean Section Birth.

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Eligibility for Maternity Leave Oregon 2018

The following rules need to be followed for applying for paid maternity leave in Oregon:

  • You must be employed at least for 180 days in the same calendar year before you think about asking for this leave.
  • The second scenario is your work hours. On a weekly basis, you must have worked for at least 25 hours.

Once you meet the requirements, you are eligible to apply for paid maternity leave in Oregon 2018 (OR).

How to apply for Maternity Leave Oregon?

All you have to do is submit a copy of your original maternity documents to the office. The HR undertakes the job of testifying your documents. Further actions will be taken by Family Medical Leave Act members.

Paid maternity leave in Oregon 2018 (OR) allows women to spend the most critical time of their life with their family and friends. Oregon’s labour website provides a lot of valuable information regarding this right. If you have anyone in your family who is in urgent need of maternity leave, ask them to go through this article. The happy motherhood will bless on our behalf. May God bless your child and usher them with a prosperous life.

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