Maternity Leave For Teachers In New Jersey

Pregnancy is a major moment and event in any woman or man’s life and the time surrounding the birth of a child can be very busy for prospective parents or even new parents. This is especially true for women who have to go through the entire process of the pregnancy and deal with the repercussions and the toll that it takes on the human body. As such, it is understandable that they need a period of rest if they are working full time at any institute.

For this purpose, the Family and Medical Leave Act that is mandated by the federal government for all of the states of the US offers up[ to 12 weeks of unpaid maternity leave to soon-to-be and new mothers. The state of New Jersey is also one of the very few states in the country that offer their very own maternity leave laws.

How Long is Maternity Leave for Teachers In New Jersey?

According to the maternity leave laws of New Jersey, the length of time given as leave can vary greatly. It depends on the situation and how much time the individual at question would be physically incapable of attending to her regular work duties. The law allows for as much as 18 weeks of partially paid leave which can be extended to up to 24 weeks under certain circumstances with job protection.

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If the pregnancy follows a normal term, the employee gets four weeks of paid leave before the delivery of the child and 6 weeks after it. The afterbirth leave can be extended to up to 8 weeks in the case of a Cesarean section.

How to Apply for Paid Maternity Leave for Teachers In New Jersey

The employee must inform the employer at least a month before they intend on taking the leave and define the period of time that they require off. They must submit a written request or leave application to the principal or supervisor and supplement it a physician’s letter that details the disability or incapability of the individual to perform their work duties.

Any Specific rule apply for paid Maternity Leave for Teachers

The maternity leave in New Jersey is given under the Temporary Disability law of the state which provides benefits to those employees missing out on work due to short-term disabilities such as illnesses or other health matters. The employee gets two-thirds of their regular income during this period.

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Maternity Leave Application Format for Teachers

In your written leave request letter, you must address your principal, supervisor, or the Superintendent of the school. Begin the letter by stating the purpose of the request which is to obtain a maternity leave along with the date beginning which you intend to take time off from work.

Mention that you have attached the physician’s letter or certificate with your leave request form. You also need to state the timeline of your leave and why you will be taking the days off along with how much time you will be missing at work. Acknowledge the fact that you know you are talking the leave under the FMLA, the period of leave provided to you under that law, and the fact that the leave will be unpaid.

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