Can Texas Reserve Peace Officers Work Extra Jobs

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Can peace officers in Texas work additional jobs?

In the state of Texas, there are regulations surrounding whether reserve peace officers can work extra jobs. The question arises – can Texas reserve peace officers work extra jobs?

Let’s delve into the topic and explore the rules and limitations that govern this issue.

Understanding the Role of Texas Reserve Peace Officers

To understand the restrictions and permissions regarding reserve peace officers in Texas, it’s important to first clarify their role. Reserve peace officers are individuals who have completed the necessary training and certification required to serve as law enforcement officers.

However, they work in a part-time capacity and may not have the same level of authority and responsibilities as full-time officers.

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Limitations on Reserve Peace Officers Working Extra Jobs

The regulations in Texas state that reserve peace officers may not work extra jobs as security personnel or private security guards. This restriction is in place to prevent conflicts of interest and to ensure that reserve officers focus on their primary role as peacekeepers.

While reserve officers may have the necessary training and skills to perform security-related duties, they are prohibited from doing so while working as reserve officers.

Exceptions to the Rule

It’s important to note that there are exceptions to this rule. Certain reserve officers may be eligible to work extra jobs as security personnel if they hold a valid private security license.

However, it’s crucial to review the specific regulations and requirements in the state of Texas to determine if this applies to individual reserve officers.

Traffic Control and the Private Security Act

Another aspect to consider is the involvement of reserve officers in traffic control. Under the Private Security Act, part-time officers who are not exempt from the act may be allowed to perform traffic control duties in addition to their regular law enforcement responsibilities.

This falls within the scope of their duties as peace officers and does not conflict with the restrictions on working extra jobs as security personnel.


To summarize, can Texas reserve peace officers work extra jobs? In general, the answer is no.

Reserve officers are restricted from working as security personnel or private security guards while serving as reserve officers. However, exceptions may apply for reserve officers who hold a valid private security license.

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It’s important for individuals in these roles to familiarize themselves with the specific regulations and requirements in Texas.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between a peace officer and a police officer in Texas?

A peace officer can be a member of a police force and enforces laws, while a police officer is always a member of a police force, also enforcing laws and ordinances.

What is the Difference Between Sheriff, Police, and Peace Officers in Texas?

Sheriffs, police officers, and constables are all peace officers licensed by the state of Texas, but they have different primary jurisdictions.

Can Texas reserve police officers get paid for extra jobs?

Reserve officers in Texas are not currently compensated for any additional work, including in-service training or qualifications.

What is a reserve peace officer in Texas?

A reserve peace officer in Texas is a volunteer, non-paid certified Texas Peace Officer who works alongside full-time officers and assists when needed.

Can a peace officer disarm you in Texas?

Yes, a peace officer who reasonably believes it is necessary for protection can disarm a license holder in Texas.
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