Understand the bereavement leave in Oregon

A bereavement leave is granted on account of the death of an immediate family member. The time is taken by the individual to arrange for or attend the final rites of the demised and grieve their loss.

Bereavement Leave OregonOregon is one of the first and only states to have an official bereavement leave policy for all employers working and operating in the state.

Bereavement Leave Oregon And Federal Law

The Oregon Family Leave Act, implemented on January 1 in 2014, requires that all employers operating in the state of Oregon who currently employs over 25 employees must act in accordance to this law as it applies to them and the employees they have hired and cater to.

As such, these organizations cannot come up with their own policies in this regard in terms of delaying or reducing the length of the leave that is granted by the state government.

For Whom Can Employees Use Bereavement Leave

The employee can take a bereavement leave for any close or immediate family member. These include parents, step-parents, children (natural, foster, or adopted), stepchildren, siblings, step-siblings, grandparents, grandchildren, spouses, same-sex committed domestic partners, and in-laws.

How Much Time Off One Can Get For A Bereavement Leave

Employees can take up to two weeks on the death of a close family member or relative to make the necessary arrangements for passing rituals, attend a funeral, or to grieve the loss. The two-week leave is taken per death of a relative. The accrued sum of weeks taken as bereavement leave cannot exceed 12 weeks in a 12 month period.

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Eligibility to take Bereavement Leave Oregon

To begin with, the organization to which the employee belongs must be employing more than 25 employees in order for the OFLA to be applicable. The employee should have been working for the employer for a minimum of 180 days that should be completed a day before the individual wishes to take their bereavement leave. The employee should also have worked at least 25 hours a week for the 180 day period.

Rights Of Employees On Bereavement Leave

The employee can use their accrued sick day leave or the leave days they get under the FMLA as bereavement leave days as well. He or she can also lodge a dispute or a case if the employer refuses to give them the legal bereavement time that is granted to them by the law of the state.

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The employee can take the leave any time in the 60 days after they have been notified of the death of their relative. While it is recommended that the employer is notified at least 24 hours before the leave is to be taken, the duration of the leave will not be cut down if the employee fails to report this to their supervisor.

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