4 Ways to Prepare For Maternity Leave If Working as Freelancer

During the time of pregnancy, ladies end up choosing the path of freelancing or working from their home full time.

As the days pass, things become difficult for them but with the option of working from home on the flexible hours, things become simple for them to deliver the baby and care for the toddler post pregnancy.

On the other side, you have women who go for partially paid maternity leave from their job working for bigger companies for their deliveries tend to find things tough. However, preparing for your maternity along with your self-employed option will give entirely a new experience. It is always better to go for a freelancer role rather than becoming unemployed for a while for obvious reasons. By knowing how vital a little downtime during your mental or physical health, you need to ask yourself as to how you should welcome the baby into the world. The following are the four ways to prepare for maternity while you work as a freelancer:

4 Ways to Prepare For Maternity Leave If Working as Freelancer

#1 Apply for short-term disability cover

When you are a freelancer, you often miss a number of benefits, which are promised while working in any big company on a full-time basis. Avoid being quick to assume the fact that there is no way to replace some of the key advantages, which are given with the full-time jobs. The short-term disability covers are the best options for freelancer workers provided you are making enough room for your monthly premiums in your budget. This maternity planning choice would be effective only for the freelance worker who is keen to go ahead with this choice of working. The preexisting conditions like pregnancy, short-term disability cover exemption; you are supposed to apply for the cover before you actually conceive. In order to claim for the maternity leave, you are supposed to pay for the policy for not less than a year (12 months), hence better keep in mind that you start making your plans to grow your family.

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#2 Pay For Your Maternity leave with cash

Without sick leave or paid vacation days available, a number of freelancers treading the path of pregnancy will fall under the maternity leave without any single cent being paid during the time off. One of the best solutions is to work with your spouse or partner creating the baseline budget for your family for the time you are keen to take off from work and start saving as much as possible in order to find the positive outcome over the pregnancy test. Saving a good amount of money can be really challenging if you fall under a tight budget, however, freelancers have the edge of having a number of variable income. Consider picking up some extra amount of freelance work during the pregnancy or simply ask the current clients if you do not find any additional amount of projects you can consider for preparing the fun for your maternity leave with the cash.

=>If you are freelancer in California, here is California maternity advice

#3 Work ahead by negotiating discount with your clients

One of the biggest hurdles freelances often face while planning their maternity leave was the way they should plan things in order to continue working for a wide range of clients who are in need of weekly work all across the year. Lastly, as per experts, you can request your clients for some discount somewhere close the anticipated delivery date time for creating an editorial calendar for your time off. If they agree to which is often the case then you can work together to plan out your content requirement they will need and that can help you in delivering them the package before you think of taking your maternity leave.

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#4 Keep working during your maternity leave

Working during your maternity leave is often a realistic option especially when you happen to be a freelance writer. Being a freelancer you get the chance to work flexible hours so that you can meet your maternity requirements. Away from the week or two, you can make your adjustments and thus can invest the amount of time required to feed your bundle of joy and doing things like napping, etc. Whether you are a first-time mother or the ones with older kids you can easily find time to work as per your requirements. As per reports, a number of mothers delivering babies ended up doing their work on time with great energy for obvious reasons.

Wrapping up

If you are planning a maternity leave is a freelance content writer, you may feel too overwhelmed as it is a boon when it comes to earning extra income especially for first-time moms. However, using one of the above strategies in various combinations as discussed above can help you to arm yourself for maintaining your career along with celebrating and caring your newborn baby the best. So, did you maintain your freelance job along with the maternity thing; don’t forget to share your views on it. 

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