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Georgia Maternity Leave 2018

Georgia Maternity Leave Law 2018 doesn’t have any specific state law that makes it mandatory for the employers to offer paid maternity leave, to the employees. But under the provision of the fair employment practices act all the public employers who have either 15 or more of employees have to extend the paid maternity leave […]

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Paid Maternity Leave For Teachers In Alabama

Alabama maternity leave does not have a separate policy for its employees and workers apart from the Family and Medical Leave Act or the FMLA. How Long is Maternity Leave for Teachers In Alabama? Under the FMLA, employees can get up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave to care for and give birth to their […]

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5 Tips of Maternity Leave For Teachers In Texas

Despite being one of the largest and most populous states of the US, Texas still lags behind when it comes to maternity leave laws. The state does not have its own maternity or paternity leave laws and instead offers unpaid maternity leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act. following are the details for the […]

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4 Things to Know About New Maternity Leave Canada 2018

Maternity Leave Canada 2018 – Credit goes to Canadians Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Made Promised while a campaign to Increased The Maternity Leave from 12 Month to 18 months in Canada. Many Parents believed in Justin Trudeau’s Promise & voted for him, are now planning for their leave. Maternity Leave Canada 2018 Justin Trudeau promised that: We […]

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