Paid Sick Leave in Connecticut 2023

Paid Sick Leave in Connecticut law is applicable mostly to employers of any agency, institution, or organization who hire 50 or more employees in any one of the four quarters of the passing year.Paid Sick Leave in Connecticut Organizations that are exempt from taxation, as well as manufacturing employers, are not obliged to follow this law although they may choose to implement it if the employer wishes. Organizations in bankruptcy are not exempt and must follow this law.

How long is Paid Sick Leave in Connecticut Available?

For service workers, ever since they are hired, they are given one hour of paid sick leave for every 40 hours they work which can be accrued. The accrued paid sick leave can be added up to a maximum of 40 hours for a year. These days can be carried over to the next year, depending on how many are remaining but cannot exceed the limit of 40 hours in a year.

Eligibility of Paid Sick Leave in Connecticut

Organizations are obliged to offer sick leave to service workers and non-service workers provided they fit the minimum employee requirement mentioned below. Service workers can be defined as those working under any of the 68 designated occupational classifications as highlighted by the Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics.

These workers are paid on an hourly basis and are not exempt from the minimum wage or compensation for any overtime work. The definition of service workers does not cover day workers or temporary workers, who work on an irregular schedule.

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Employees have to have worked at the employment a minimum of 680 hours in that particular position at that organization. Accrued sick leave cannot be used by employees who did not average a minimum of ten or more hours of work per week in the previous quarter.

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How to Apply for Paid Sick Leave in Connecticut

The employer has the right to ask the employee to give an advance notice if they plan on taking a paid sick leave soon. The difference between the submitting of the notice and the actual leave taken should not be more than 7 days. In some cases, giving a prior notice may not be possible and so the employee should simply try to warn their employer as soon as it is practically possible for them.

If the accrued sick leave lasts for three or more consecutive days, the employer has the right to ask for the relevant documentation in order to confirm that the leave was taken on permissible and valid grounds.

Any Specific rule applied to Paid Sick Leave in Connecticut

If an employee is fired or leave the job and is subsequently rehired by the same organization in the same or any other position, the accrued paid sick leave hours will not be carried over and will be terminated with the termination of the employment. The employee will then begin anew with the rehiring and will have to acquire paid sick leave hours once again.

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