Paid Maternity Leave For Teachers In Alabama

Alabama maternity leave does not have a separate policy for its employees and workers apart from the Family and Medical Leave Act or the FMLA.

How Long is Maternity Leave for Teachers In Alabama?

Under the FMLA, employees can get up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave to care for and give birth to their child or children. The employer must have more than 50 employees in a 75-mile radius in order to qualify to be giving leaves under the FMLA. The leave can also be extended under certain circumstances for which another written leave form and physician’s certificate must be submitted to the principal.

How to Apply for Paid Maternity Leave for Teachers In Alabama?

The employee must make sure that they inform their principal or supervisor about their intention to take a maternity leave at least 30 days before the actual beginning of the leave period. They must submit a written leave request form and submit it to the principal or the supervisor along with the physician’s certificate that states and explains that the employee will be physically unable to continue with their work duties for that period of time and hence need to be given leave, paid or unpaid.

If the individual wants to extend the leave beyond 12 weeks then they must submit an application to their supervisor or the principal along with a physician’s note or certificate that explains why need the extension.

The employee has the right to be given leave as soon as they become physically unfit to carry on with their work duties but is also expected to join as soon as they become physically able to once again after their pregnancy and delivery.

Any Specific rule apply for paid Maternity Leave for Teachers

The state does federally employ the Pregnancy Discrimination Act or the PDA which asks employers to provide similar benefits and leave to employees asking for maternity leave as they would for leaves aimed at other different purposes. Hence, if the employer does not offer any form of paid leave for any purpose, they are in their right to not allow paid maternity leave to the employee. The pregnant individual is eligible to receive the same benefits, promotions, and advantages as any of her peers during that period under this federal law.

Employees can also obtain up to one year of leave under the First Year Birth and Adoption Leave law provided they are full-time employees, have been working at the organization for at least 12 months, and have submitted a written leave request. The leave must be approved by the Superintendent and the Board before it can be granted to the employee.

Maternity Leave Application Format for Teachers

In your written leave request letter, you must address your principal, supervisor, or the Superintendent of the school. Begin the letter by stating the purpose of the request which is to obtain a maternity leave along with the date beginning which you intend to take time off from work.

Mention that you have attached the physician’s letter or certificate with your leave request form. You also need to state the timeline of your leave and why you will be taking the days off along with how much time you will be missing at work. Acknowledge the fact that you know you are talking the leave under the FMLA, the period of leave provided to you under that law, and the fact that the leave will be unpaid.

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