How To Make Money While On Unpaid Maternity Leave

Giving birth and welcoming a new life into the world is no doubt one of the most special moments in any woman’s life. But the entire process can take a real toll on their physical and emotional health, which is why some employers tend to give maternity leave to their employees either under their own special packages or under the FMLA that gives up to 12 weeks of leave per year for serious health conditions.

Most of these leaves are, however, unpaid and so it can be difficult to provide for yourself in that time period. Well, good news: you can still make money while you are on unpaid maternity leave, especially if you venture about online, and here a few ways how you can do so:


The blogging and vlogging community has never been as large and successful as it is today. There are many bloggers who are simply writing about their experiences as mothers with their babies and are making hundreds of dollars with sponsorships and advertisements on their web pages or blog sites.

If you are not particularly fond of this topic, you are free to select any subject that you have an interest or are an expert in, and share your knowledge, tips, and stories with the world!


One of the best ways to make money online from the comforts of your own home is by helping out young students or adults who are trying to improve their knowledge and learn. If there is a particular subject or area of study that you have expertise in, you could use that knowledge to help kids and simultaneously make a decent living out of it with relatively little time investment.


Selling stuff is a great way to make money from home. You could either resell some of your old clothes or items you no longer use or you can make DIY crafts on online platforms where people are looking buy used items at a lower price. You can even start your own home run food business and cater for small events.


You will be surprised at how many companies and applications are looking to get people to take their surveys or review new applications. Through services such as Prolific, CitizenMe, and Swagbucks amongst a plethora of others, you can earn money simply by browsing the internet. It may seem little at first, but considering the amount of effort it takes, the earnings add up!

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When it comes to the online earning world, there is a little something for everyone. If you do not want to teach or craft, you can always write. Platforms such as Fiverr allow you to connect with clients who are willing to pay people with good writing skills to write informational articles, blogs, reviews, and essays for them.

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