Community Service Leave – Policy & Fact Sheet

Any employee interested to undertake any activity of community service may take this leave. These leaves are mostly the unpaid ones. It is a good thing to get into community services and a person should participate in such activities for the betterment of the society and underprivileged people but one should not do it at the cost of his business. Community service leaves can also be taken during a natural disaster or in any other kind of social service leave

What Is A Community Service Leave?

Community service leave can be categorised into two parts. One is to take part in activities to help people or during a natural calamity, etc and the other is when you have to fulfil your jury duty. Mostly the latter leaves are paid Leave.

Latter leaves can also be seeded for as a civil leave or a vacation leave. Although the former ones i.e the voluntary services at any place for a cause are generally the unpaid ones.

Community Service Leave Procedure:

The employee is supposed to furnish the employer with the notice for leave as soon as possible. A person cannot just apply for community service leave. If you are applying for such leave, then you must be a part of the recognised group or management association that is helping the downtrodden.

The employer may also ask for any evidence of your being part of that group or that you have done something. In the case of a jury service, the employer can ask you to produce the summon or the subpoena ordering your presence.

Community Service Leave Eligibility:

Any employee including the casual employee is eligible to apply for this leave if he is a part of the recognised association. He might have to provide with the confirmation letter from such association to support his application for leave.

Community Service Leave Duration:

When it comes to community service leave, there is no fixed number of leaves that are allotted to this category. Employees indulging in community service may have any number of leaves as this leave is majorly unpaid leaves. While involving I service like these are important and appreciated but a lot of leaves can make the business take a back seat which will be a major setback for the business.

That is why it is important for the employer has to restrict and keep a check upon the number of leaves taken. The duration will include the immediate and reasonable time required to travel the particular location where the services are required.

Community Service Leave Paid Or Unpaid?

Usually, leaves taken for providing the voluntary services during an emergency or whatsoever are the unpaid ones. But if you are taking part in jury services for which you are summoned by a court of law to be a part of proceeding as a plaintiff, defendant or a witness whatsoever, then such leaves are paid leaves.

If you are applying for such leaves then, you must show the written authority letter or summon seeking your presence in the court of law or any legal proceeding, to the employer.

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