Best 5 Leave Management Software in US

Here is the answer to the frequently asked question – Which is best leave management software to handle the different types of leave taken by employees working in company/organisation. Check out the review and complete detail of Top 5 Best Leave Management Software in the US working online with 5 Star rate given by the US users.

Top 5 Leave Management Software in US


1. Leave Management Software – TSHEETS:

This software provides quick and easy to use the overall computer and mobile platforms. Employees can manage time, clock in, and out, and update their schedule for their boss from anywhere.

This program makes it quick and accessible to manage time off and your work ours. This software is a FIVE STAR rated system and starting at only $5/Month is a top option for employers everywhere.

2. Leave Management Software – DEPUTY:

Much like TSHEETS, Deputy is a quick and easy time sheet and management software used by many small businesses in the US. This is a clock in and out, scheduling, and record keeping system that can be used from mobile and desktop devices. Deputy allows quick and easy scheduling and is the furthest thing from complicated or uncomfortable for both employees and managers.

Deputy also comes with an SMS and email feature that alerts staff and co-workers when times are added to their schedule. With reminders and glaringly obvious assistance, staff will be well alerted that they have an upcoming shift change. Deputy is very highly rated and has options starting at just $2/month.

3. Leave Management Software – BRANCH MANAGER:

Branch Manager is an employee self-service system for hourly workers in retail, restaurant, hospitality, fitness, banking, transportation and call centre workforces. This allows employees to adjust their schedules, select time off, keep time sheets, and manage payment. Also, this is a great way to enable managers and a team to stay in sync with each other’s schedules and needed times off.

There is also the ability to take photos of a paper schedule and calendar to add it to the system with Branch Manager. Branch manager allows a free subscription offer but will have a standard option with much more features for only $3/months, overall this is a great option for smaller business employees.

4. Leave Management Software – TIMESHEET.COM

Our next option is This is cloud based technology allowing managers to have knowledge of real-time employee hours and schedule situations. This is a great piece of software for managers who need a close eye on the business.

With Timesheets, managers see who’s late, who is scheduled, and they are allowed power over the options that their employees have in the program itself. This is a strict and live system for managers to cut off mistakes, lack of productivity, and is a great option at $9/month for managers who need more out of each hour.

5. Leave Management Software –  WHEN I WORK:

Lastly, we have When I Work. This software is great for Staff scheduling, time tracking, communication & attendance. This includes apps for Android and smartphone which allow for managers to send out schedule changes and view each employees hours.

Also will allow for employees to see their scheduled times and communicate through a work based channel. Employees can punch in, view time sheets, and be more on top of their job, at the click of a button.

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