5 Things to Know About Bereavement Leave in Georgia

Bereavement Leave in Georgia

Bereavement leave is a leave period given by employers to their employees to grieve and arrange for funeral services after a close family member has passed away.Bereavement Leave in Georgia

#1 Bereavement Leave Georgia And Federal Law

There are no explicit laws put in place by the state of Georgia when it comes to bereavement leave requested upon the death of an employee’s close family members. That is why bereavement laws vary from organization to organization and company to company depending on their own policies and rules.

An employee should thoroughly go through the handbook provided by the organization at the time or before employment and read over their leave policy.

#2 For Whom Can Employees Use Bereavement Leave

A bereavement leave can be used for the death of an immediate family member such as those who live in the same house, are dependent on you financially and emotionally, or are related directly by blood.

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These include parents, children (natural, foster, or adopted), spouses, committed partners, siblings, grandparents, and grandchildren. It can also be used for more distant relations such as for relatives-in-law but the length of the leave is generally shortened in such a case.

#3 How Much Time Off One Can Get For A Bereavement Leave

Most companies and organization offer over 3 days of bereavement leave during which the employee continues to be paid and receives his or her existing benefits despite being absent from the workplace. This leave is applicable for when an employee suffers the death of an immediate family member.

In the case that the employee wants a bereavement leave for a family member who is farther in relation, he or she may get a one day paid leave, or even less, depending on the policy of the organization.

#4 Eligibility to take Bereavement Leave Georgia

The employee must be working full time or part time at the organization and should have completed a minimum period of work as highlighted by the company before requesting for leave. A notice should be submitted to the HR department of the organization, preferably before the person intends to go on a leave, if practically possible.

The Bereavement Leave Georgia needs to be taken within a certain period of time after the news of the death has been communicated to the individual. Most organizations generally give a two-week long period to opt for the bereavement leave in the case that the funeral or last rites have been arranged at a later date.

The employee may also be required to submit an official certification of the death of the individual or an obituary by the employer as necessary documentation to avail a bereavement leave and also have to submit Bereavement Leave Request Form

#5 Rights Of Employees On Bereavement Leave

According to the employment laws of the state of Georgia, employees get sick leave days or hours at the end of each pay session, which is generally 5 hours across most organizations in Georgia.

If these sick leave hours are accrued to a sum of 720 hours or greater, the employee may use them as leave days in the case if the death of a family member provided the request is approved by the employer.

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