5 Things to Know About Bereavement Leave In Arizona

In order to allow an employee at a particular company to grieve and cope with the loss of a loved one including arranging for and attending funerals and other services, companies may allow individuals to file a request for a bereavement leave following the death of a loved one. Following are the Bereavement laws and specifics related to the bereavement leave in the state of Arizona.Bereavement Leave Arizona

#1 Bereavement Leave Arizona And Federal Law

While there are no explicit laws binding organizations to grant their employees bereavement leave, there is a general overarching recommendation that is implemented and followed by most public sector organizations and businesses.

These do not, however, apply to the private sector. Private organizations are open to either not gives their employees leave upon the death of their loved ones or vary the length and nature of the leave according to their own company rules and policies. as such, it is possible for some companies to give week-long leave whereas some may not give any days off at all.

#2 For Whom Can Employees Use Bereavement Leave

Bereavement leave can be obtained for the death of a close or immediate family member or relative. These include a spouse, a natural child, an adopted child, a foster child, a stepchild, a son or daughter in law, a natural parent, a stepparent, a parent in law, a brother, a sister, or any sibling in law. it also encompasses the deaths of grandparents and grandchildren.

#3 How Much Time Off One Can Get For A Bereavement Leave Arizona

The individual who has suffered the loss of a close loved one can take as long as 24 working hours in order to partake in the parting rituals such as the funeral of the individual who has passed away and grieves for them.

The employee may be granted up to 16 extra hours on top of the 24 working hours if the funeral arrangements have been made somewhere out of state.

#4 Eligibility Of Employees To Take A Bereavement Leave Arizona

Full-time employees are eligible to apply for a bereavement leave. Along with full-time employees, part-time employees who have worked halftime, quarter time, or three-quarters of time can also apply for bereavement leave.

However, employees that have worked less than quarter time at the organization are not eligible to request for bereavement leave as they do not comply with the minimum amount of work time essential for this benefit.

#5 Rights Of Employees On Arizona Bereavement Leave

According to the law of the state of Arizona regarding bereavement leave for close family members, the employees will be granted 24 working hours of leave with an additional 16 hours if they have to travel out of the state and their pay will continue during this time according to the proportional amount for the bereavement leave.

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Any benefits that the employee was receiving before the leave will continue for the while he or she is on the paid bereavement break. Understandably, the opportunities arising in the time that they are not present in the work environment will not be available for them to access upon return.


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