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Paid Sick Leave in New Jersey 2018

Paid sick leave is the number of days or hours that an employee is permitted to be absent from the workplace without facing any reduction in benefits or rewards, and is compensated for their absence through their regular pay rate. They are eligible to be absent if they are to cater to or recover from […]

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Maternity Leave For Teachers In Florida

The state of Florida does not employ its own separate maternity leave laws. Instead, it operates under the Family and Medical Leave Act or the FMLA. How Long is Maternity Leave for Teachers In Florida? Under the FMLA, you can get up to 12 weeks of unpaid maternity leave. In order to be eligible to take […]

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Know Everything About Funeral Leave in California

Funeral Leave Law California 2018

Each Government has default rules regarding providing leave to employees for various reasons. In California, there is no law regarding funeral leave for private sector employees. But state employees are entitled to funeral leave. Private sector employees who want funeral pay should follow strict guidelines to avoid threats of legal action.If you looking to get […]

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